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power of voodoo

who do, you do. do what remind me of the babe...

wanna rent some more movies today, goin on another independant movie spree...i really really really really wanna rent bowling for columbine. desperately. happy xmas eve...damn its all gone by so fast. i wish i were little again, christmas is so much better when you dont understand whats going on around you.
*takes big sip o coffee* yum. maddy wants to fuck igby good god im in love with him. i miss the astronomy club, alot.:( merry xmas to you.

what kind of magic spells to use
slime and snails
or puppy dog tails
thunder or lighting
and baby said...
dance magick dance magick dance magick dance magick
put that magick spell on me
slap that baby make it free.

david bowie is a baller, i want a boyfriend. and i think im throwing a party, hopefully. we shall seee.
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