pour some tea for two, you speak my point of view (brokenporcelain) wrote,
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all i can say is that my life is really plain

hmm good weekend, last nite i went over to kaylas dads...which is by far the coolest house ever lol. we smoked out in a tent and bonnie called smishush and she is surprisingly really cool, sorry for doubting you master lizum:) funny funny shit man. we didnt make it all nite in the tent, way too cold. damn actic breezes. we also got chased by a cop and he told me he knew where we lived lol stupid randalls security guard made me loose my crown. we went to 37th street and looked at all the awesome art light stuff and some guy told his girlfriend that he videotaped the hippies that ran by, which was us lol. liz bought economy condoms and we got grossed out by the vaginal cremes, lol slather and creme liz. i stole a bean too:-p anyways it was great fun and i talked in monotone. then today i bought awesome hippie skirts, whooo!! great weekend
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